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Mall security then escorted the woman out of the shopping centre,” said Menlyn management.

Cleaning house has become a lot sexier since a nude service was launched in Cape Town.

“I was unemployed for six months and the bills were piling up.

“So I decided to offer a service that was different – and after research, I found out that naked house cleaning wasn’t offered anywhere else in the world and this is unique to South Africa.” He posted an ad on Gumtree and the CVs came flying in.

The large central fountain is the focal point for sixteen nude statues of nymphs, humans, mermaids and satyrs.

Since eighteenth century in 1860, the fountain was considered the representation of corrupt municipalities, and Palermo nicknamed the square with the nudity of the statues, the Square of Shame (Piazza della vergogna.) This may have also been reflecting the prevailing influence of the Spanish Inquisition during that time.

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“I offer a professional service and my staff can’t be unprofessional when I send them to a client.” A disclaimer on his website clearly states: “Our staff are for entertainment purposes and not sexual services.“I am personally looking forward to that because I travel to Spain often so I’m going to take a few lessons.” Jean-Paul says he came up with the idea while brainstorming job opportunities.