Online chat dirty bot

30-Aug-2017 04:53

The Send() method broadcasts the message to the users by passing the name and the message as the parameters.

The Send To Specific() method on the other hand broadcasts the message to a specific user.

The Notify() method tells the client when someone enters the chat room and then adds them to the list of the available users.

The On Disconnected() method handles the removing of users if someone leaves the chat room.

Be sure to name the view “Signa RChat” since that’s the name of the view that the controller must expect. Just for the simplicity of this exercise, I just set it up like this: Step 5: Adding a Hub To provide you a quick overview, the Hub is the center piece of the Signal R. NET MVC, a Hub is responsible for receiving input and generating the output to the client. At runtime, a Java Script file is generated dynamically that contains the client-side implementations of the public methods defined in the Hub.The logic is that it first creates a proxy connection to the Hub (Chat Hub).Once connected, we then have access to the public methods defined in our Hub class. If the user already exists in the dictionary then they will be prompted to enter another name.After entering their name the start Chat Hub() function will be called.

This function is where the actual implementation of the chat is defined.

Note: Adding a reference to the j Query script within your View will cause an error when running your application that uses Signal R.