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It’s expensive, takes too long, and locks you in for an hour with someone you might want to murder before the Bloomin …

Continue reading A group of psychologists recently released a study that says meeting a date in a bar can be far more effective than encountering someone online.

This President’s Day Weekend, I was in Nashville for my cousin’s bachelorette party and used the opportunity to really lean into some of the traditions this occasion calls for — traditions I’d usually scoff at.

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It also helps with the eventual social media stalking that happens.Here are our favorite findings: Phone compatibility is a thing.i Phone users are 21 times more likely to judge their dates negatively if they carry Android phones instead of an i Phone.Those are just a few modern dating dos and don'ts, according to new surveys from several dating sites conducted ahead of Valentine's Day.

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CNNTech culled the stats from Hinge, Match and OKCupid.

Android users are also judge-y -- just a little less so at 15 times more likely to see i Phone devotees negatively.