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06-Oct-2016 05:47

And even after all that was over, with an open economy and eventual EU membership, life could still be difficult. So hopefully this’ll clear up at least a few Polish stereotypes that might have gotten stuck in the minds of people way off on the other side of the planet that have never visited Poland, or at least give some perspectives on how they got started, or why they might be sorta true in some cases. Now that most Polish-American immigrants have all but assimilated, the jokes will likely disappear as soon as the older generation fades away, whereas blonde jokes will probably stick around forever.

That’s probably the reason for the perceived grumpiness and pessimism as well. In numbers greater than any other country on the planet. Poland was the only country in Nazi-occupied Europe in which the penalty for helping Jews was capital punishment for the entire family. All in all, Poles risked their lives to save at least 450,000 Jews from the Holocaust. It’s quite a problem for me, because I’ve been exposed to some pretty harsh anti-Polish sentiment, including an older Jewish man that said he refused to visit Poland because it was “bathed in the blood of the Jews.” Well, yeah, but it was also bathed in the blood of Poles Jews. Well, there’s actually stronger anti-Semitic sentiment in Poland than other Western European countries, though it’s often mere stereotyping rather than acts of violence. And Poland’s economy continues to improve, which means less and less Poles will feel the need to immigrate for better labor markets, like in the UK.

They somehow got stereotyped as being dumb, and people ran with it because they had fun coming up with clever jokes. Oh, and they’re also responsible for Nicolaus Copernicus, Marie Curie, and Marian Rejewski.

Take be getting trashed all the time, but somehow they’re able to hold themselves back so much that they’re currently only the 20th biggest drinkers in the world.

They care for themselves, dress well and always look elegant.

Men can thus always rely on and be proud of them whenever they decide to go out.

So while it’s true that religion plays a significant role in society, it’s not quite as monolithic as you might expect.

Case in point: I never knew any Polish stereotypes growing up.Not only are Polish and Czech women pretty, they are also romantic and loving.They would do anything for their partners and close family.Polish women together with Czech ones are said to be one of the most attractive women in the world.

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Many of them have won beauty contests and Czech girls have also become famous top models.Oh, and Poland built the world’s tallest statue of Jesus. But on the other hand, it’s not entirely clear how “religious” they are, with one survey showing that only 7% of the population are “strong believers.” Much of the 90% Catholic statistic would thus have more to do with culture than belief.

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