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09-Nov-2017 11:44

I went on well over 20 first dates in nine months (that’s one every one to two weeks! Have a friend help you vet the ones that may be worth pursuing.

Tired of waiting for that one match to finally message you?

You cannot be successful in dating (including online dating) without maintaining healthy boundaries.

These boundaries require self-awareness, which is often learned through honest conversation and accountability.

And, when needed, unplug completely — take a break and schedule something restful and life-giving instead of another weekend of dates. This philosophy helped me relax and let go of the need to perform.

It also made my dates more comfortable when they realized I wasn’t interviewing them for the position of “wife.” 5. Though more women have negative experiences in online dating (with women of color receiving the fewest matches and most harassment), anyone can experience the cesspool that is the dark side of the internet.

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Who would want to sign up for all these different sites just to get rejected (or worse, harassed) by people they don’t know?

I could relate; I, too, have watched a text status change from “Delivered” to “Read” and then waited, heart furiously pounding, for a response that never came.

We’re surrounded by promises that technology is gradually making everything better, but technology also gives us more reasons to be anxious.

If you’re one of the many (millions, probably) who’ve had negative experiences online dating, it’s important to remember your worth isn’t dependent on your marital status.

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All the research in points to one obvious conclusion: Broken people who make unwise decisions will bring that brokenness into their dating relationships.And many of you have stories that, unfortunately, speak to that truth.

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