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08-Feb-2017 13:14

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By reporting your Fraudsters and Scammers you are helping to alert other potential victims, since they will be able to find your report on Google and other search engines, as well as drive this data upstream to services that can use this to identify Fraudsters and Scammers on their services, such as Money Transfer Services.Even governments that receive our data can us it (if they chose) to investigate them and pursue criminal action.While there is no way to promise an arrest, or that you will get your money back, this is how we make a difference, the eventually can lead to vast reductions in online fraud.

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I occasionally visit them all, usually after googling some name or e-mail, but the ones I personally like, re-visit and use the most are: *** Stop-scammers.

) report to the following 2 places: 1) FSB, aka FSS (Federal Security Service). This is like the headquarters of Russian Police: Send your message through "Public Reception" center.

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