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I started an mailing list, made an introductory screencast series and have been sending Ember content to my dear subscribers on a weekly basis.

I have also written guest articles for Safari Books Online, Firebase and Toptal.

After learning the ropes I shifted gears and have been proselytizing for Ember since last summer.

I gave a beginner’s workshop at Eurucamp, and held presentations at Arrrrcamp, The Geek Gathering and Ember Fest.

Once you understand them you are on your way to taming and mastering The book guides you through the steps of building a real application so that you can see how the concepts are applied in practice.

You'll learn about the building blocks of Ember one by one, in a way that crushes the steep learning curve. Having just returned from the first European conference, my enthusiasm went through the roof.

The time when money could buy everything and meant nothing.

The main character, Nikolai, is a son of two engineers who emigrated to Japan from the Soviet Union when he was a child.

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When a new feature appeared, I added a section about it, trying to find a practical example for it in the application.Then, after a long labor of (mostly) love, I published the 1st edition of the book in Feburary 2015, that used the then stable Ember version, 1.10. As Ember made progress in a neck breaking pace, I kept the book up-to-date with the actual stable version of the framework, and adding material that covered the new features.

Our staff has diligently worked long hours to put her undressed collection together.… continue reading »

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However, if one will just look around more, they will find that there are other less-known but equally beautiful beach spots in other parts of the Philippines.… continue reading »

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The test, called a San Diego Wisdom Scale (SD-Wise), was created by researchers at the University of San Diego's School of Medicine.… continue reading »

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2) ' Bounce' is sometimes used for a flat (non-curved) cyclorama.… continue reading »

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