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A citizens' organization in Kitchener, Defend Traditional Marriage and Family, objected because the book could lead people "to reject scriptural teaching on homosexual acts.")(In September 2010 the US Department of Defense overrode the Army's January approval for publication.

The Do D then purchased and destroyed all 9,500 first edition copies citing concerns that it contained classified information. Martin's Press, in conjunction with the Do D created a censored second edition, which contains blackened out words, lines, paragraphs, and even portions of the index.)("Trash." "Obscene, indecent, and impure, and taken as a whole, predominantly prurient, hardcore pornography and utterly without redeeming social importance." "Trash written by a mentally sick individual." Banned by Boston courts in 1962 for obscenity, but the decision was reversed in 1966 by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court.)(Challenged at the Nampa, Idaho Public Library [2005] along with seven other books because "they are very pornographic in nature and they have very explicit and detailed illustrations and photographs which we feel don't belong in a library." The library board approved policy changes that restrict children's access to any holdings that may fall under the state's harmful to minors statute and barred the library from buying movies rated NC-17 or X.

The book is comprised of entries four New York City high-school students made in a shared journal in the aftermath of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Reclassified from the young adult section to the adult nonfiction section at the Waukee, Iowa Public Library [2011] because of a complaint citing "foul language" and "cussing." The book includes frank discussions about adolescent sex, drinking, and drug use.

Public Library [2009] because of sexual innuendo, drug references, and other adult topics.

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The book has been used in the high school for more than 30 years, and those who object to its content have the option of reading an alternative reading.

Challenged in the Normal, Illinois Community High Schools in 2003 because the book contains "racial slurs, profanity, violence, and does not represent traditional values." An alternative book, was offered but rejected by the family challenging the novel.

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