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I made it clear that if she wanted to feast on my delicious cunt that she would have to learn to obey my every command."Yes, I will do anything you say, just let me please you!She told me that she was divorced and offered to let me move in her house in the suburbs.I advised her to take it slow and just concentrate on becoming my obedient fuck-slut.I want you to crave my cunt so much that you will cum from just smelling it.Oh yeah, from now on you will address me as Mistress Flame, now go!With tongue and fingers, she was brought to a quaking and shaking orgasm. We kissed and I told her to taste her own pussy on my lips!Then I hand feed the sweet girl my huge ebony breasts and she nursed on them hungrily.

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" It was Saturday night so I must be in the 'Bad Girl Bar', because that's where I went every Saturday night! " Her pretty face was blushing again, as she said, "I've never been with a woman! I felt confident now that we were in the friendly confines of my home.I pushed her to her knees and told her to taste the chocolate treat between my long black legs.