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26-Mar-2017 20:37

Being an overanalyzer, I did vast research like I was writing a thesis while figuring out how to Tinder (already valued at 0 million). For the initial stages, it’s a much more efficient use of my time as opposed to getting childcare for the kids, dressing up, and going out to a bar/restaurant. Whether you’re looking for a Tinderoni, Tinderella, Tinder Lovin, or just curious…it’s fun to try something new. It sounded fun and ideal for busy moms who really don’t have the time or energy to get out and about to meet folks. Tinder makes it fast, easy & painless to weed out people you’re not interested in. You would be surprised at how many well known people I’ve come across on Tinder. If you meet make sure you drive yourself, let a friend know your whereabouts, and don’t give out your address.

The holiday that follows is low-stakes, non-religious, and includes a hangover-friendly eat-fest.I read many articles talking about how Tinder is fun and unlike most dating websites. It feels very much like a game app as opposed to what I’ve read about some of the more traditional dating sites. You decide if you’re using it for networking, marketing, dating, hookups, friendship, or just flat out bored. I’ve probably left swiped 250 profiles and liked 10.

The Relate Guide to Finding Love is a book I’d recommend as contains a plan to help boost your self-esteem and attract the right partner.… continue reading »

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