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27-Mar-2017 10:17

Laima Stankevichyute "Intertype relations" When communicating, people automatically get into debates and often hit each other's most painful areas i.e. Both are saying unacceptable things in eyes of one another and both suffer through this.

Logical types seem to ethical types too egoistical.

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Later, this is replaced by mutual bafflement, concealed resistance, and eventually open conflict.

Communication with a conflicting partner places you under constant tension.

There is a sense of impending explosion beneath the surface.

Opposite encoding of information leads to a feeling that literally every word of one's conflictor is annoying and brings up internal protest.

At times, relations seem to be improving, but at the most inopportune moment conflictor suddenly tells something hurtful to you. Sedih, "Informational psychoanalysis" Partners usually find each other quite interesting.

All of this does not contribute to development of sensitivity, mutual attention to the needs and interests of another.