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Thousands of Japanese people were going skiing that weekend. “A few minutes before six, just when I was about to give up and go home, I caught sight of a six-foot sandy-haired guy wearing a ski hat.I rushed up to him, and he said, 'You must be Gillian. ” “That there’s just one person in the world who can make you happy, and you have to keep looking until you find them? “Lots of people can make you happy.” Tess looked at her, crestfallen.He said he was going skiing the next morning with a friend.“To my astonishment – it was completely out of character – I said, 'Can I come? Be at Ueno station at a quarter to six by the ticket machine.’ What I didn’t know was that Ueno station is one of the largest in the world.This was probably revolutionary at the time, but these days searching for spiritual completion is the norm.It’s not enough to look for a brilliant lover who is good at emptying the dishwasher. “It’s a way of trying to create meaning,” says the writer and musician Wojtek Godzisz, 38, “but it’s shallow and trivial.Only perfection will do – if things go wrong, this can’t be The One.Research published by Prof Spike Lee, of Toronto University, and Prof Norbert Schwarz, of the University of Southern California, confirms these findings.

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Research carried out by C R Knee, now a professor of social psychology at the University of Houston, showed that people who believe in romantic destiny tend to have relationships that are passionate but short-lived.

Whenever I thought of it, I felt a restriction in my chest.