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21-Sep-2017 19:00

At least that's what I've gathered from watching speed dating on tv and in movies. Each person should tell the other person how many significant figures they think they have. My physical science class had an odd number of students the day we did this, so I got to play along, too!

(This is also the reason why I don't have any pictures of my students in action.) You'll just have to settle for pics of the cards.

What about using an icebreaker, an exercise or activity that provides an opportunity for students and the instructor to get to know one another?

Take a look at the August 30, 2013 post Icebreakers for some ideas.

A post on from August 15, 2015, Back to School, offers some resources.

The use of mobile devices in the classroom, particularly smartphones, has become an issue faced by all faculty.

So we decided to try something we’d never tried before in a professional meeting: speed dating.

How it Worked We set up six stations around the room, one for each initiative.

I decided this was the perfect topic to make into a speed dating activity.

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I tried to include numbers written in scientific notation and numbers written in standard form.

The purpose of speed dating is to meet as many people in as short an amount of time as possible. I instruct kids to figure out how many significant figures are in the number on their card and to check their answer with the back of the card. When you tell them to get up, they should find a partner. (Bonus points for stopping kids by ringing a bell like actual speed dating!