Stop intimidating

13-Jun-2016 02:18

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“This detention will not stop me from resisting the occupation — or the freedom of speech of the Palestinian people,” Amro said.

Amro, a Palestinian activist known for opposing settlements in the West Bank city of Hebron, was arrested by the Palestinian Authority for criticizing its recent arrests of journalists.

It’s a built in avoidance technique that I am about to take issue with, but trust me, it’s not personal. That scary person gets their power to jerk you around and take control from one source and one source only. If you didn’t give it to them, they would be powerless.

They simply cannot intimidate you or make you feel insecure without your permission.

(Oren Ziv/ A Palestinian Authority court on Sunday released prominent activist Issa Amro on bail following his arrest last week for criticizing the PA’s detention and intimidation of journalists.

A host of international organizations and lawmakers had condemned the Palestinian Authority for arresting Amro and called for his release over the past week.

Feelings are an internal emotional response, that means they come from us not some external source.