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In what situations does Jewish law sanction abortion?To gain a clear understanding of when abortion is permitted (or even required) and when it is forbidden requires an appreciation of certain nuances of halacha (Jewish law) which govern the status of the fetus.Jewish law does not sanction abortion on demand without a pressing reason. Daniel Eisenberg is with the Department of Radiology at the Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia, PA and an Assistant Professor of Diagnostic Imaging at Thomas Jefferson University School of Medicine.He has taught a Jewish medical ethics class for the past 15 years. Eisenberg writes extensively on topics of Judaism and medicine and lectures internationally on topics in Jewish medical ethics to groups of all backgrounds.

But while it would seem obvious that Judaism holds accountable one who purposefully causes a woman to miscarry, sanctions are even placed upon one who strikes a pregnant woman causing an unintentional miscarriage.

In such a circumstance, the baby is considered tantamount to a rodef, a pursuer if it would be possible to save the mother by maiming the fetus, such as by amputating a limb, abortion would be forbidden.

Most samples require chemical pre-treatment to ensure their purity or to recover particular components of the material.… continue reading »

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