Tool for validating xml with xml schema

16-Oct-2016 17:05

Further more, the API's is a lot easier to use then SAX, because it pull based it gives more control on iterating the document and works more pleasant then the push way of SAX.Aight, what do we need: The code is a bit to large to show it here as a whole.Our best option is to create some pre-processing tool that will first split the big file in multiple smaller chunks before they are processed by the middle-ware.The XML file comes with a corresponding W3C schema, consisting of a mandatory header part followed by a content element which has several 0..* data elements nested.Important: the JAXB marshaller is initialized in fragment mode, otherwise it will start to add an XML declaration, as would be required for standalone documents, and that is of course not allowed in the middle of an existing document: On a side note: the JAXB integration is not really useful in this example, it creates more complexity and takes more lines of code then simply adding the elements using the XMLStream Writer.However, in if you have a more complex structure which you need to create and merge into the document it is pretty handy to have automatic object mapping.Last week I was asked to write something in Java that is able to split a single 30GB XML file into smaller parts of configurable file size.The consumer of the file is going to be a middle-ware application that has problems with the large size of the XML.

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Since it's vendor based middle-ware, we are not able to correct this ourselves.

If you would remove the indication of the default namespace at line 6, the root element will be prefixed (with a random prefix) like: article).

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