Updating bind dns records

16-Jun-2017 11:42

Was creating an additional standard account for my daughter on a spare laptop I got from an inlaw.This is connected to my broadband access at home, not ROOter.And for good measure there's also Avast AV installed, doubling Mc Afee AV (I did not installed those, the laptop came that way, will need to clean up). Make sure that the routers are on different subnets.Now, after fumbling through both software and allowing some update of databases, Internet access is restored though I cannot pinpoint what did the trick. The way to do this is to setup the Rasp Pi as a normal router and leave everything at default. If the Rasp Pi LAN is then set the Linksys to It doesn't matter what the subnet of each router is as long as they are different.

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Connection can be fixed by usb power toggle or software reboot for AR150.

Connect the Rasp Pi LAN cable to the Linksys WAN and you will have internet.

I've done this several times and I have a Nexx router set up this way on my network just to allow testing the WAN connection in ROOter. Be warned that this script is run right after the modem connects so changes you make while the modem is connected won't take place until you reconnect the modem.

I do like vodafones online usage meter because i can check it anywhere but this is handy for now. Actually they do everything better than telstra when it comes to mobile broadband.

I never thought i would say that in Australia about Vodafail.

So as most of u know i am running with a vodafone R216 modem tethered to a tplink mr3420 V1 which goes into 70m ethernet cable and then into a mr3420 V1 in client mode.