Updating drop down list in excel

01-Apr-2017 09:46

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Also, if you want to add new departments to this list, you will have to edit the source of the list to include them.

Now that the table is setup with a descriptive name, you can reference the table using this name.

However, if you copy a cell with a value or formula they will be pasted along the drop down.

Back to top When creating a workbook with multiple different list one of the recommended approaches is to create a worksheet specifically for all the list sources.

To create a list from a range in another worksheet, in the Data Validation dialog box press the range selection button , and go to the desired range in the other worksheet.

Back to top Note: You can also do a regular Copy/Paste operation to paste the list.

Also, many data sets are dynamic (new records are added all the time).

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If the drop down list is long, it will take forever to find items if they are not sorted.You can turn any data list into a drop down list which makes it easier to place items in cells.Drop down lists show the data in the same order in which they appear in the original list.Because of this, we have to include the INDIRECT function as well.

The image below shows you the arguments dialog box which gives a brief description of the function.

Departments[Name] Now we need to go back and setup our Data Validation using the table reference.

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