Updating flash graphics

23-Nov-2016 07:03

I must mention that i got multiple graphic card crashes happening from time to time.

But i was expecting a Win10 Update to fix the problem.

: Forth PCIe Slot So if you have 4 Cards you will have to enter those commands (No need to reboot between each flash, but very important to reboot at the end of the last flashed card) atiwinflash -f -p 0 7970atiwinflash -f -p 1 7970atiwinflash -f -p 2 7970atiwinflash -f -p 3 7970If you are flashing BIOS #1, you need to put the BIOS switch at #1. Lets say your borked your BIOS flashing and the BIOS #1 is now corrupted and you can't boot into windows using that BIOS -Turn Off PC -Put the swtich back to BIOS #2 -You restart PC running "Locked" BIOS (#2) -Under Windows: You flip the GPU Bios switch back to #1 -Proceed to a normal flashing of the BIOS -BIOS#1 is now repaired Bookmarked and repped. Are there any BIOS for 7970 that allow you to increase voltage above 1.3?

Does anybody have any recommendations for different ones to try?

A while ago I created an "animated sequence" engine, which took a series of images and animated them on top of each other This examples uses 5 separate images/layers (with a paint effect put over the top) Each layer is given a different "speed" so that they move at different speeds through out the base time of the animation (for example, a speed of 1 will cause the layer to rotate only once over the base duration of the sequence, in this example, 20 seconds) The original images are all 1024x256, so that an inconsiderate size Add ontop of that the sequence is playing in transparent window with the addition of an alpha effect (bleeding off at the edges), this is not a simple animation.which is "E;\" -Do you think i am on the Right track with what might cause the problem ?

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