Updating image linux 2 6 32 9

20-May-2017 07:23

updating image linux 2 6 32 9-21

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For the various versions of Windows that we support as host operating systems, please refer to Section1.4, “Supported host operating systems”.

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Specifies whether or not the file extensions .vbox, .vbox-extpack, .ovf, .ova, .vdi, .vmdk, and should be associated with Virtual Box.In addition, there is an alternative generic installer (.run) which should work on most Linux distributions.The generic installer packages are built on EL5 systems and thus require reasonable old versions of glibc (version 2.5) and other system libraries.In addition to the Virtual Box application, the following components are available: This package contains extra networking drivers for your Windows host that Virtual Box needs to support Bridged Networking (to make your VM's virtual network cards accessible from other machines on your physical network).

This package contains Python scripting support for the Virtual Box API (see Chapter11, Virtual Box programming interfaces).

Files of these types then will be opened with Virtual Box.