Updating ipod without losing music

24-Sep-2016 13:53

If you're using an i Phone, you can add music or videos only from a single i Tunes Library.If you're using an i Pad or i Pod, you can add music from multiple i Tunes Libraries, but videos from only one i Tunes Library.All the content on your i Pod is at stake, because syncing it with another computer will erase everything. Your scenario can be either: The computer with which you used to sync your i Pod has died, and you can no longer sync it because a new computer won’t accept it.Or, you simply want to move your entire i Tunes library to a new computer and eliminate the risk of losing everything when you sync with it.Apple today acknowledged i Tunes users who claim the software deleted their music files, saying it will issue an update to i Tunes next week that includes additional safeguards.The company confirmed, in a statement given to i More, that "in an extremely small number of cases, users have reported that music files saved on their computer were removed without their permission." However, Apple was unable to reproduce the bug, indicating it doesn't really know what's going on here.Apple apparently walked back those statements in a follow-up phone call to Pinkstone.

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What that means is you have to have a copy of all the apps/songs/movies on your computer in i Tunes’ library prior to syncing.

The issue, which has persisted since the launch of Apple Music last year, resurfaced when i Tunes user James Pinkstone published a blog post last week titled, "Apple Music stole my music.