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There have been several cases in which people used We Chat group chats to plan gatherings.Last June, for example, four people were arrested for using the service to protest the building of a waste incineration plant in Ningxia, Hunan.

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The researchers also discovered that when We Chat censored a message, the sender received no notice informing him that his text had not reached the intended recipient.

The researchers set out find the extent to which certain keywords got scrubbed from conversations between two or more users in We Chat.

To do this, in June 2016 the team posed as a Chinese We Chat user and sent out 26,821 keywords containing terms that had been censored on other apps, including Tom-Skype (a made-for-China version of Skype) and YY (a live broadcast app).

When they ran an identical test in August, even that text mysteriously passed without censorship.

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Yet when they tested group chats, they found multiple cases in which certain keywords triggered a removal.The Filipinos’ fondness for instant “photo-ops” and irrepressible desire to keep connected with family and friends even made Nokia the leading camera phone in the Philippine market.