Who is dating tony stewart

27-Aug-2017 02:41

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He also has had been along with his mother bother his obsession but shes removed herself so that he cant find her because she fears he might harm her like he does others he cant control and dont want to be around him.

Maybe you should offer yourself up to him for some type of abuse, better you than some innocent animal or person than think he and his family are nothing but trash., Yes it is stupid and criminal the things he does and gets away with.

He wasn't able to kill anyone this year so he needs to go where he can get his quota for the year next year.

Hope Nascar doesn't allow that and with his volatile temper he would kill as soon as possible to get attention.

Are you talking about the bastard babies in Nascar?

That's what they are even Clint's although he did marry her but the baby is still a bastard.

Nascar needs to stop glorifying these drivers and their basted kids.Reply-to: Not all sponsors love parents that have bastards babies.There is no excuse for having a child out of wedlock.He is the elder child of Pam Boas(mother) and Nelson Stewart(father). He was interested in racing since his childhood and he became a successful racer in his early age.

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There is no further information about his childhood life.Do you have a bastard child yourself and feel it is perfectly acceptable nor only to live that kind of life but flaunt it and make money or be in the limelight. Reply-to:, Yes it is stupid and criminal the things he does and gets away with.

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