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On her return home, she took up pottery and was acclaimed by Wedgwood as ‘one of Britain’s most exciting new talents’.A close friend of Kate Moss, Stella married publisher Alasdhair Willis in a chapel on the Isle of Bute in 2003.

And she just said "yeah..." or something like that and then he said "that's what I like about you, you're open-minded. What happened happened and Ellen doesn't seem to go around saying bad things about her so why should we?And he mentioned her relationship with Ellen, without actually refering to Ellen as Ellen.I deleted it from my computer so I don't remember his exact words.You tried it, didn't like it and moved on." And she nodded and agreed and everybody was just laughing it off a bit. I saw her on Letterman, though, in '05 or so (same interview, Cor Xy? She was likely what Ellen needed at the time to support her during her coming out.

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), and he was trying to make a big deal about her lesbianism, and first she made a good point of painting him to be the bad guy for trying to sensationalize it, refused to refer to Ellen as any more or any less than any other ex, and finally said something like 'If you're lucky enough to find someone to care about, to love for a while, to have great sex with, that's a big deal, that's something to cherish. it didnt mean anything to me coz i cant even remember. It is sad that a relationship ended, but it seems to have been very much the better for Ellen that it did.Portia was with Francesca in the latter stages of the show, so perhaps that's when this pic was taken. Remember that Anne worked on Ally Mc Beal for awhile & was (reportedly) a good friend of Portia's. But Francesca reportedly nixed the lesbi-friends (but only if there are cameras around) scenario, backing away with an emphatic, "No way! And he mentioned her relationship with Ellen, without actually refering to Ellen as Ellen.