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There she runs into Darcy, who's been asked to monitor the company by his aunt, Catherine.

He confronts Lizzie and reveals he's in love with her.

She furiously tells him she could never love him back, because of his rudeness and how he's hurt George and Jane, accidentally revealing the existence of the vlogs in the process.

After watching them all, he gives her a letter explaining his side of things.

Bing returns to apologize; he discovered Lizzie's vlogs and saw how much Jane cared about him in them, and the two get back together.

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Hosted by Darcy's younger sister Gigi, Pemberley Digital posts demo videos to unveil and promote their new prototype: "Domino," an application that can automatically edit and upload videos recorded on it.

The residents of Sanditon have all been invited to join in the test, and discover how this “life-revealing” app performs.

The mini-series is a modernized adaptation of Jane Austen's unfinished novel, Sanditon.

At Vid Con, Charlotte and Lizzie run into childhood friend Ricky Collins, who now runs online media company "Collins and Collins," with the help of his wealthy patron Ms Catherine de Bourgh. While at a bar with Lydia, Lizzie meets swim coach George Wickham and begins seeing him.

He proposes Lizzie join him as a business partner, but she declines. He reveals Darcy was a family friend who supposedly refused to give him a college fund he was promised, furthering Lizzie's poor opinion of the man.

Wealthy medical student Bing Lee moves into the Netherfield mansion nearby, bringing with him his even richer friend William Darcy.