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I enjoyed The Realistic Joneses because I’m a fan of that particular brand of sardonic, deadpan humor.It’s a style of comedy that’s a bit British in a sense, but has really become big in the States in recent years. With Colbert, The Daily Show, and even Community, to a degree. It’s something that I hadn’t been super interested in.But I’m really happy that I got to be a part of it, and it’s all thanks to Aronofsky, who’s one of our finest filmmakers. [Hoffman] was definitely ferocious and unyielding in that movie.How’s it been for you, as an actress, getting older in Hollywood? Our whole population’s aging, too, so perhaps it’s a different kind of audience. We’d met ages ago at the Williamstown Theatre Festival and have known each other through the theater for a long time. Because I knew him as a friend and as a fellow stage actor, and for so long, I guess I didn’t think of him that way.Every off-Broadway or off-off-Broadway show I did early in my career, I would walk through Times Square on the way to the show, and I would be fed by the characters. You have to fight for the space now to be stupid, and drunk, and fun. I was here and doing a lot of plays, but I think the mess I’d made for myself was starting to come to an end around that time. I had no relationship to it at all, and then after one movie, I was in the thick of it.

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The Oscar winning actress' 36-year-old actor boyfriend, actor Logan Marshall-Green, "popped the question over the holidays," a source told In Touch Weekly.

Now that you know Logan is in the Marvel movie, hopefully you won’t confuse him for Tom Hardy like some other fans have done!

Marisa Tomei is just as sweet and complaisant as you’d imagine. It has a sister restaurant too, whose name is escaping me.” She hits pause.

I had some very tough things going on before opening night—someone in my family passed away—so every day I would be going to a show, saying words, and dealing with a situation that had to do with death and illness.

This play coincided with a time when my heart really needed it. Women—and men—are interested in solutions for interpersonal problems and societal problems, and even Obama signing in an equal pay law was big. I love the writing, I love Lena’s timing, and I love her insight into female behavior. She’s even off writing New Yorker articles on the side! Our director, Sam Gold, played the theater director when Adam goes on Broadway, and she sits in on the audition when she shouldn’t have and is kicked out. The Brooklyn depicted in Girls is very different from the one you grew up in during the ‘70s and ‘80s? Brooklyn was a great place to grow up, but I’m hoping there’s still a spot for me!It’s an industry that’s historically been pretty tough on women as they age. And how about Cate Blanchett in her Oscar speech saying, “The world is round, people! But as far as my career goes, I always joke around with my brother that I’ve scratched and clawed my way to the middle! I just thought, “If Phil’s going to be in it, how exciting! ” and I didn’t realize it until his passing how he was such a standard-bearer.