Wpf datatrigger binding not updating marg helgenberger william petersen dating

23-Aug-2017 08:00

For example, if you have a Person View Model class with a property that you want to group by (let’s say Region), it is faster to create a mixed collection of My Group View Model and Person View Model objects, ordered correctly by group, with different Data Templates, than it is to bind to a grouped collection. And worse, once you start nesting Dynamic Resources (for example, a List View whose Style contains a Control Template that references objects through Dynamic Resources), you’re likely to run into situations where you leak controls.

They may also help stop a layout pass from rippling through an entire visual tree.

Not necessary the healthiest design, but the performance is quite a bit better.

Using implicit Control Template/Data Template styles will also help keep your code and XAML organized without the need for either . Behavior On Detaching signals the removal of a behavior from a control (generally never, as behaviors don’t get removed from controls).

There is a huge cost in constructing Resource Dictionaries, and depending on where you place them, you are probably constructing many more objects than you realize.

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A common, sensible, and logical pattern is to keep usages of elements as close to where you use them as possible. Resources, or break up their themes into multiple Resource Dictionaries for clarity and separation.

Create a collection with mixed viewmodel types–your original collection, and one that represents the “group”.

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