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01-Jul-2017 01:30

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What started out as a joke amongst the gang, that the exploits of these excessively dim-witted ponies actually predate human civilization, turned out to be somewhat fact, since by the end of the show it’s revealed that they were the source of one of Christmas’ most time-y traditions.

Last year’s highlight was the mind-blowingly insane Cabbage Patch Kids Xmas cavalcade, and this year’s was the equally mind-blowingly inane My Little Pony: A Very Minty Christmas.

The dude seriously busted his ass in the ring; for eight weeks he was trained as an actual pro wrestler, and it totally shows.

The guys from Pittsburgh have asked me to help spread the word in NYC by making copies and to passing them to all my friends, so if your reading this and both personally know me and live in The Big Apple, you can most assuredly expect one.

Yes, the very best bad holiday cartoons are ones that they feel like parodies that you see for two or three minutes on some other show, in which this case is the ultimate demeaning half hour commercial for little girls, but this one is completely for reals.

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