Yoon eun hye and hyun bin dating

29-Nov-2017 11:11

Meanwhile, a teenager named Colin comes to Korea looking for the four men and claims one of them is his biological father.A confident ladies' man who heads his own architectural firm with Im Tae-san.

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Tae-san wants to ask Yoon to get Sooyoung's autograph for him, but before he finishes his sentence, Yoon has already disappeared...

Kim Do-jin is a confident playboy who meets Seo Yi-soo and falls for her.

To his surprise, she doesn't give him the time of day and he discovers that she has a crush on his best friend Im Tae-san.

At the field, each vows to admit that he's the mastermind, and promises that they'll all get punished together. The teacher is portrayed by Kim Kwang-kyu, the same actor who played Jang Dong-gun's teacher in the 2001 movie Friend.

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However, when in front of their teacher, Jung-rok admits it, but Tae-san, Yoon and Do-jin all point to Jung-rok saying he did it. When the teacher keeps commenting that he looks familiar, and asks if he's from Busan and whether his father is an undertaker, those are all references to Friend.The prologues are not related narratively to the previous episode's ending or the present storyline, however they underline each episode's theme.