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The monument was subsequently approved (AINA 12-6-2009).It is in the interest of Turkey to recognize the genocide and come to terms with it.We unequivocally denounce the act and condemn the perpetrators of this inhumanity, the Ottomans and their collaborators of the Kurdish auxiliary forces. But Turkey still refuses to come to terms with its past. Mary's Syrian Orthodox Church in Diyarbakir, Turkey was arrested for affirming the Assyrian genocide of 1915. Yusuf was interviewed by reporters from the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet during deliberations in the U. Congress regarding HR 596, the Armenian Genocide Resolution. Yusuf's defiance has itself surprised those who have described him as an otherwise gentle and amicable man of faith.The reporters apparently had hoped to quote a Christian priest denying the validity of the Assyrian-Armenian-Greek Holocaust of 1915, but instead were angrily surprised by Fr. Following the interview, the Hurriyet reporters printed an inflammatory article with a photograph of Fr.Three Kurds and two Turks dragged my brother out and cut off his arms, right in front of me and his wife and kids. I don't know why." "During our escape through the mountains," he continued, "I remember the bodies strewn on both sides of the path.They then proceeded to rape his wife and eleven year old daughter, all the while looking at him and taunting him. Most women and children were crying but would not dare stop to care for the sick and dead because they knew the Turkish and Kurdish armies were behind them.

For Turkey, the genocide did not occur, what occurred was "civil strife." Turkey even goes as far as claim the Armenians mounted an insurrection and hence it was war and they were only casualties of war.

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